Nowadays almost everyone can speak besides their native language. I think everybody has his very own method to study a foreign language. But at this time I want to share my learning way from experience.

Firstly, reading passages is very helpful when learning an overseas language. Whenever you read the passages repeatedly you are able to train your language sense. You may also recite some really good passages, do fast reading, do intensive reading plus extensive reading everyday. When you can continue reading or recite some really good passages everyday persistently, you will discover your oral language ability is improving rapidly.

The second one is listening practice. You ought to hear the skinetrin apteka you learn everyday via your tapes or mp3 player or anything you want to use. Also you can begin to see the movies and thru it improving our listening ability. Another great strategy is to imitate the pronunciation if you are listening to the objective language by the music player or Walkman.

Your third one I would like to share is reading the literature and writing some words of what you read. That’s very beneficial to learn an overseas language. I usually take nearly all of my devwqky66 on reading the literature. My second language is English. And So I like reading the English novels, poetry and the like very much. Reading English novel can make an English atmosphere in my opinion. The plots within the novel always attract me and provide me to the author’ world. The English poem can also be very charming for me. Normally i find some poems to read at my spare time. When you read a lot more you will find vivese senso duo opinie sense become better. Your written English and oral English are both getting native. When you speak with a foreigner you can actually determine what she or he says.